Forex Trading Strategies – 3 Simple Ones That Work and Make Big Profits


Here we are going to look briefly at 3 forex trading strategies anyone can use quickly. There simple to understand easy to use have worked and will continue to work and that means big long term profits.

Let’s look at these forex strategies and why they work…

Many traders make the mistake of thinking that the harder they work and the more complicated they make there trading strategy the more likely it is to work but there is no correlation between working hard and being complicated and forex trading success; you are simply judged on your market timing and the success of your trading signals.

A simple strategy will have fewer elements to break than a complicated one in the brutal world of forex trading and keeping it simple is always best.

Strategy 1 – Long Term Breakout Trading


Most major trends start from new market highs or lows.

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways of trading, buying breakouts on the chart to new highs and selling new lows. Most traders cant do it, because they think they have missed a bit of the move and want to wait for the pullback but in strong moves, this never occurs and they are left watching the move pile up thousands of dollars and their not in.

If you focus on long term valid breakouts and time your entries with a couple of momentum indicators, you can make a lot of money. The key to this forex trading strategy is only to use levels that are considered important by the market.

They occur a few times a year per currency but lead to huge moves and huge profits.

Strategy 2 – The 4 Week Rule

This is one of the simplest most profitable, forex trading systems you will find and was devised by trading legend Richard Donchian. It will make sure you get in on EVERY major forex trend.

This system is totally mechanical (and based upon the breakout philosophy discussed above) and consists of just one rule:

Buy a new four week calendar high and sell a new 4 week calendar low and maintain a position in the market at all times.

That’s it!

Simple? Yes, but it works – back test it and see.

You can also add filters to smooth the equity curve which are discussed in our other articles.

We have used this system as part of our forex trading strategy for over 20 years and many great traders have been fans, such as Richard Dennis so, if it’s good enough for him, its good enough for you and me.

Strategy 3 – Trading Overbought Oversold

The two other strategies just discussed are long term now, we will look at a short term strategy for profit – forex swing trading.

Swing trading simply aims to take advantage of overbought oversold scenarios within the major trend and you can do this with simple trend lines. All prices get pushed to far up or down, due to greed and fear and you simply want to trade into these extended levels.

Once you have identified areas of support or resistance, check volatility with the Bollinger band and then use the ultimate timing tool – the stochastic to confirm the move.

You then should take your profit early and then look for the next one.

Swing trading is fun, requires very little discipline, as you don’t have to hold moves for long and can be learned in a few days.

So there you have 3 simple forex trading strategies for profit which are simple but don’t think they can’t be profitable, they are and can lead you to long term currency trading success.

So make the above part of your essential forex education and get on the road to profits.

Source by Kelly Price